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School of GeoSciences

Institute of Atmospheric and Environmental Science

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The Institute of Atmospheric and Environmental Science is part of the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh. It was formed by the merger of the former Department of Meteorology with the Institute of Ecology and Resource Management on 1 August 2003. We offer BSc degrees in Ecological Science, Forestry and Physics with Meteorology. We offer MSc degrees in Resource Management, Forest Ecology and Management, and Remote Sensing and Image Processing. Our PhD students research topics from the cell to the stratosphere. We believe that we meet the strong demand for graduates trained broadly in environmental subjects who will be able to pursue careers in areas of great public interest and social relevance.

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In the former departments that now make up the Institute, we are proud that our teaching has been graded as 'Excellent' and that we received the top grade of 5 in the last Research Assessment Exercise. Edinburgh University is one of the UK's leading universities, and the College of Science and Engineering has one of the best records for teaching and research in the entire country.

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