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School of GeoSciences


Institute of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Resources

Clouds over the US - S2000066.L1A_HNSG_USF_NAV_MBR.USA.quarter - NASA - SeaWiFS    

Meteorological General and Teaching Resources

Datasets and Models


Satellite Images and Related Information


  • The Royal Meteorological Society - Provides information about this learned society's activities, including its educational work, meetings, publications and guidance on carrers in meteorology.
  • The BBC Weather Centre - Contains weather forecasts, features about weather and information about weather broadcasts on radio and TV.
  • National Met. Services - Maintained by WMO - links to all national met. services with web pages.

Computing Resources


  • Brugge's Meteorology Related Job List - Also contains a list of links to other Meteorology related job lists.
  • Information on CLIMLIST - This list is used to disseminate notices regarding conferences and workshops, data availability, calls for papers, positions available etc, as well as requests for information related to Climatology.


Useful Room Numbers

Room Name: Telephone: Room Number:
JCMB MSc Room 650 5102 7306
JCMB Resources Room 650 5094 8206
JCMB Terminal Room 650 5103 7307
JCMB Data Store 7305
JCMB MLS Laboratory 650 5104 7308
JCMB Seminar Room 650 6749 7309
JCMB Coffee Room 8214
JCMB Teaching Lab 8216