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To see a map highlighting the Joseph Black Building please click Here.

To get to the King's Buildings from town you can get the following buses: 24, 42, 41 (make sure it says King's Buildings on the front of the 41).

Laura Cocker - Selective Autobiography

Whilst currently studying for a Masters degree in Chemistry at Edinburgh University, I have been inherently interested in the interface between the arts and science. It was the inseparable creativity of chemistry, both as a practical skill and a theoretical pursuit, which initially drew me to its further study. And it is the expansion of this creativity, overflowing into the visual arts, which is the driving force behind my work. I have been greatly influenced by interdisciplinary overlaps, especially the philosophy of science and contemporary art. Interweaving the concepts in chemistry with the arts supplements their understanding, and acts as a medium through which to challenge science - both internally and externally. My recent work has been an exploration of the contextual dependence of chemistry, exemplified by the finite boundaries which exist within the molecular state and the invisible realm which they occupy. This abstraction is extended to chemistry as a discipline, challenging its isolation and relative framework of paradigms.