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Edinburgh Interdisciplinary Discussions (EID)

Edinburgh Interdisciplinary Discussions (EID) is a new initiative bringing artists and researchers from a wide range of academic disciplines together to discuss and promote interdisciplinary research. The initiative has been set up by two University of Edinburgh postgraduates who met during their MSc. in Neuroscience and continued PhD studies in different areas of research. With a similar philosophy to the popular Café Scientifique talks, EID has particular emphasis upon exploring the uncharted territory between specialised disciplines and enabling collaboration between science and the arts.

Interdisciplinary work has become increasingly important in modern scientific research, leading to shifts in funding and academic structures throughout the world. Researchers often need to work outside their own discipline and challenge traditional disciplinary boundaries, necessitating more research-level learning and networking as well as skills in interdisciplinary communication. EID aims to support interdisciplinary researchers in Edinburgh so they can investigate novel ideas whilst maintaining scientific integrity throughout their work.

We host talks, workshops and informal meetings in edinburgh bars and arts venues. Our first talk was by composer and humanitarian Nigel Osborne (15th October), followed by Innovation in Genetics (Innogen) director Catherine Lyall (17th November) and Neuroscientist Tomasz Bak (10th December). Discussion topics have spanned basic science, through human sciences and medicine, to philosophy, humanities, arts and culture. For more information on upcoming meetings and talks contact Michael and Ellen: Edinburgh Interdisciplinary Discussions