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GeoScience Art Collective Garden of Cosmic Speculation Trip, Sun 4th May 2008

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation near Dumfries was created by the renowned American
designer and architectural critic Charles Jencks and his late wife Maggie Keswick. The
garden contains many landforms, sculptures, bridges, terraces, fences and other
architectural works inspired by science and cosmogony. An example of Charles Jencks work
is the fancy sculptured lawn at the front of the Gallery of Modern Art here in Edinburgh.

For more details try;

  • artsci @ eca - Monday 16th March, 3.30 - 5pm, Hunter building Lecture Theatre (room 017), ECA
    Glen Onwin (artist, ECA), Simon Flower (scientist, British Geological Survey) and Andrew Patrizio (curator / head of research, ECA) will each talk about some of their thoughts about and interests in art / science interactions. Followed by an open discussion with participants. All Welcome.
  • The PlaceProject @ the Bowery - 19th-27th March
    The first Place Project will be a week-long event at the end of March at The Bowery, a new bar/music/arts venue in Edinburgh. Creative individuals are invited to put forward proposals for installations, music, performances or interventions, which will be realised during the week. The specific programme of events will not be finalised until the proposals have been selected. Have a look at the Place Project facebook group for more details.
    Also, this sunday from 5 there will be an open session at the Bowery, very informal, just a chance for people to come and find out a bit more, ask questions etc. so if you're free, come along! You can contact for more details if you need.
  • Crossing The Line @ Joseph Black
    Crossing the Line is a collection of recent work by undergraduate chemistry student Laura Cocker. It is a combination of installation, photography and text exploring the nature and isolation of scientific knowledge and touching upon the artist's relationship with the invisible realm which the molecular state occupies.