School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


The Graduate School Conference, 2005


Correspondence: Travel, Writing, and Literatures of Exploration, c. 1750–c. 1850
7–10 April 2010, University of Edinburgh and National Library of Scotland
UK PopNet Platform for Biodiversity research
Airborne Measurements and Remote Sensing Workshop:
Upscaling of Ecological Processes from Sites to Landscapes
12th-13th March 2009
University of Edinburgh
This workshop aims to develop the potential and practical integration and scaling of field, airborne remote sensing and gas flux measurements for ecological studies. You are warmly invited to participate in this excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange in a powerful and rapidly evolving field.
Biochar: An Emerging Technology for Climate Change Mitigation?
UK Biochar Research Centre (UKBRC) Workshop - 01-Apr-2009
Biochar has emerged as a carbon mitigation option of potentially global significance. But many key questions remain to be addressed before we can be confident that biochar can be a major part of the move to a sustainable zero-carbon economy.
Geological Society of London Fermor Meeting 2009
Rodinia: Supercontinents, Superplumes and Scotland
The 2009 Geological Society of London Fermor Meeting and field trip focussing on the formation, configuration and break-up of Rodinia. Contributions ranging from geochronology, geochemistry and palaeomagnetism to geodynamic modelling are welcomed. The meeting will be hosted in Edinburgh from 6-9 September 2009, followed by a 4 day field trip to see some fabulous and classic geology in the beautiful western Highlands of Scotland. Places for the field trip will be limited and on a first come first served basis so early registration is highly recommended!
The Geography Centenary
As we look in to mark the centenary of the teaching of Geography in the University of Edinburgh, it is appropriate that we take some account of the events that have marked the 100 years since its first formal establishment in Edinburgh.
Borders: Where Fixity and Fuidity Meet 2 May 2008
The key goals of this symposium are to explore what happens when fixed and fluid imaginings of borders coincide and to examine the consequences of the coexistence of pressures for breaking down boundaries alongside the simultaneous defence of a world defined and divided by differences.
Carbon and Communities in Tropical Woodlands 16-18 June 2008
This conference will provide information to those wanting to learn more about the process of implementing and managing sustainable carbon sequestration projects in tropical developing countries. Issues of risk, permanence, governance and methodologies for carbon sink analysis will be covered in the programme.
Geophysics of Global Climate Change 7-8 February 2008
The aim of the meeting was to bring together the diverse strands of geophysical research into climate change. View the Conference Homepage
Postgraduate Research Conference 17 - 19 March 2008
The Conference included a keynote presentation and discussion session followed by a prize ceremony.
Images for All: Making the Collections Work 14 August 2007
Celebrating the official launch of the two-year Project with a brief series of presentations and displays drawing on the experiences of individuals involved, together with external experts, to explain the importance of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s collections and the value of this project.
Geographies of Nineteenth-Century Science 18-21 July 2007
Conference themes include: Production of scientific knowledge, Mobility of scientific knowledge and Consumption of scientific knowledge.
One-day symposium in honour of Bob S. Harwood's retirement 16th July 2007
The Symposium will be held Monday July 16th in the School of GeoSciences, King's Buildings, University of Edinburgh. Talks will be given by his alumni and friends. The Symposium is open and registration (for estimated numbers) is free.
Religion in the Public Realm 18 May 2007
This one day symposium is devoted to dialogue on the possibilities, potential, and perils of religion in the public realm. Speakers will explore the implications and importance of religion for a diverse range of issues, including: development, identity, democracy, well being, exclusion, and daily life. Through this dialogue, we hope to open a discussion about how to theorize and understand the multi-faceted role of religion in the public realm. Booking: Booking is required as space is limited. Please book with Robert Groves (tel:).
Graduate School Conferences, 1998-
A conference series organised for postgraduates and staff of the Grant Institute of Earth Sciences, together with guests from other related institutes and industries.
Graduate School Conference, 2 - 4 February, 2007
The 16th annual Graduate School Conference, this year at the Ben Wyvis Hotel, Strathpeffer, will be a valuable forum for GeoSciences postgraduates to meet and interact with members of staff and industry.
RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference 23rd February 2007
A relaxed, supportive, yet academically-relevant atmosphere for postgraduate geographers (from all aspects of the discipline) to present their research.

In addition to conferences, the School has a busy programme of seminars and talks.