School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Atmospheric Science Seminar Series

JCMB room 8216. 2.00 pm Tuesdays unless otherwise stated.
All welcome

This series of seminars exists to provide a broad outlook on current developments in atmospheric and oceanic physics. It is primarily targeted at the members of the Institute Of Atmospheric and Environmental Science and other parts of the School of GeoSciences. The seminars are open to anyone but, are most likely to be of interest to people working in various environmental science disciplines.

Members of the Institute are actively encouraged to suggest potential speakers for this seminar series. Please direct all suggestions to the maintainer of this page.

Here are some Directions for finding the seminars.

There are currently no seminars scheduled for Atmospheric Science

Links to other seminar series

If you run a series of seminars with aspects relevant to weather, climate, environment or earth observation, in or around Edinburgh, contact us to be added to this list.

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