School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Events: Who Does What

The School runs a wide variety of Lectures, Seminars and Social Events organised by Research Groups (or groups of Groups) and student Societies. Contact points:

Discipline Who to Contact
Atmospheric Science or
Ecology or
Edinburgh Earth Observatory (EEO) and the Association for Geographic Information in Scotland (AGI-S) Joint Professional Seminar Series
Environmental Change and Sustainability
Reading Groups:
  Feminist Geography
  GIS and Environmental Modelling
  Human Geography
Discussion Groups:
  The Hutton Club
Global Change or
Edinburgh Geological Society
Subsurface Science
MPG Seminars
Graduate School Seminars or
Students' Ecological Society
Students' Geographical Society
Students' Geological Society

The School Home page lists events for the next two weeks. The events page shows the whole list and Group pages show filtered lists. Little is scheduled from June through September as this is the University vacation period.

In addition to those listed above, is authorised to post Event information and edit the list of people similarly authorised