School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Organic Geochemistry


An Organic Geochemistry laboratory housing wide-ranging analytical capabilities is located in the Sir John Murray Laboratories annex to the Grant Institute of Earth Sciences on the Kings Buildings Campus. Facilities are in place for extraction, separation, identification and quantification of a wide range of natural and contaminant chemicals, in addition to C and N elemental and stable isotopic analyses (see Mass Spectrometer page). The methods can be applied to diverse sample types, including waters, soils and sediments.


  • DOC/TDN Trace-level Dissolved Organic carbon and Nitrogen with Shimadzu TOC-V Analyser
  • Contaminant hydrocarbons, including TPH, PAH and DRO (GC, GC-MS)
  • Lipid biomarkers (GC, GC-MS)
  • Amino acids (HPLC or GC-MS)
  • D/L amino acid ratios (HPLC)
  • Total carbohydrates (colourimetric)
  • Carbohydrate monomers (GC, GC-MS)
  • Lignin phenols (GC, GC-MS)
  • Dissolved gases (GC-TCD)