School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Research Staff

Technical Staff


  • Martin Hurst (PhD student)
  • Lynsey Callaghan (PhD student)

Lab Alumni

  • Dr Tibor Dunai, Dr Hermione Cockburn, Dr Alistair Fleming, Dr Mike Bentley, Dr Jeremey Everest, Dr Bill Phillips, Dr Ruth Gilpin, Dr Deirdre Commins (Imperial), Dr Mike Kaplan, Dr Chris Fogwill, Dr Alice Williams, Dr Helen Margerison, Dr Jon Butler, Dr Joe Haag, Dr Ruth Mottram, Dr Joanne Johnson (BAS), Dr Eric Gayer, Dr Richard Phillips, Dr Katja Ammon, Dr Anne-Sophie Meriaux, Dr Steve Binnie, Margaret Stewart, Allen Davidson, Dave Hughes.

Additional information about the facilities may be obtained by contacting Andrew Hein