School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Access to the SEM

The SEM is available for use by students and staff in the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh and also to other scientists, irrespective of their Department or University for the appropriate charges.

  • Prospective users should contact a member of the SEM staff to request SEM time and to discuss their analytical requirements.
  • Training and technical assistance is provided during normal working hours and, after training, users will be expected to operate the instrument themselves.
  • Commercial users should contact a member of the SEM staff to discuss their requirements. Competitive pricing can be quoted on a daily or ‘per sample’ basis.
  • During normal working hours the SEM time is allocated in two blocks of four hours (9am-1pm and 1pm-5pm) and charged at the rates below. However, the SEM is also available for use by experienced operators during the evening (5pm onwards) and at weekends, again at the standard rates.
  • The charges cover all costs associated with the SEM e.g. carbon / gold coating and technical assistance, but exclude sample preparation.


User Status Charge per Session
(4 hours)
Undergraduate students and Emeritus Staff in the School of GeoSciences 72
Research students in the School of GeoSciences 72 / 288 The subsidised rate of 72 per session is only available for students with RTSG funds to cover lab costs. For students funded by a Research Grant the 288 charge applies.
Undergraduate and Research Students at the University of Edinburgh 136 / 288 The 288 charge applies for all work funded by a Research Grant.
Research students from other Universities 288
Research and Academic Staff 288 The SRF rate is 288 per session and should be included in all grant applications.
Commercial Visitors 380 – 425 (+ VAT) Costs and access should be discussed with a member of the SEM staff.