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Institute of Geography Online Papers Collection

From September 2005 we are collecting advance drafts of new articles, conference papers, reports from research projects, previously unpublished pieces and other works of note by members of the Institute of Geography online. You are invited to download any online paper of interest to you, while doing so we ask you to please observe the normal copyright rules and conventions.

Alphabetical List (by author) of Online Papers

Caryn N. Abrahams (2006)
Globally useful conceptions of alternative food networks in the developing south: the case of Johannesburg's urban food supply system

Liz Bondi (2007)
On the relational dynamics of caring: a psychotherapeutic approach to emotional and power dimensions of women's care work

Liz Bondi (2007)
Psychoanalytic theory: Entry for the Dictionary of Human Geography, 5th Edition

Liz Bondi (2005)
The changing landscape of voluntary sector counselling in Scotland

Liz Bondi (2005)
Gender and the Reality of Cities: embodied identities, social relations and performativities

Liz Bondi (2005)
Is counselling a feminist practice?

Liz Bondi (2005)
Making connections and thinking through emotions: between geography and psychotherapy

Jonathan Butler (2005)
Muddy Flooding on the South Downs

Stephen Cairns & Jane M Jacobs (2006)
The modern touch: Interior design and modernisation in post-independence Singapore

Omair Chaudhry & William Mackaness (2006)
Rural and Urban Road Network Generalisation: Deriving 1:250,000 from OS MasterMap

Omair Chaudhry  & William Mackaness (2006)
Visualisation of Settlements Over Large Changes In Scale

Hazel Christie, Moira Munro & Fiona Wager (2005)
Day students in Higher Education: widening access students and successful transitions to university life

Hazel Christie, Lyn Tett,  Vivienne E. Cree, Jenny Hounsell and Velda McCune (2007)
‘A real rollercoaster of confidence and emotions': learning to be a university student

Lesley Gallacher (2006)
Block play, the sand pit and the doll corner: the (dis)ordering materialities of educating young children

Sarah Glynn (2007)
Home Truths: the myth and reality of regeneration in Dundee.

Sarah Glynn (2006)
PLAYING THE ETHNIC CARD – politics and ghettoisation in London’s East End

Sarah Glynn (2006)
Marxism and Multiculturalism

Jane M Jacobs (2006)
Too many houses for a home: Narrating the house in the Chinese diaspora

Jane M Jacobs (2005)
A geography of big things

Jane M Jacobs (2005)
Hybrid Highrises

Jane M Jacobs, Stephen Cairns & Ignaz Strebel (2006)
A tall storey but, a fact just the same: The Red Road highrise as a black box

Innes M. Keighren (2006)
A Scot of the Antarctic: the reception and commemoration of William Speirs Bruce

Eric Laurier (2007)
How to feel things with words

Eric Laurier & Barry Brown (2006)
Rotating maps and users: praxiological aspects of alignment and orientation

Eric Laurier, Barry Brown & Hayden Lorimer (2005)
Habitable Cars: What we do there

William Mackaness & Omair Chaudhry(2006)
Exploring representational issues in the visualisation of geographical phenomenon over large changes in scale.

Andrea J. Nightingale (2006)
The Nature of Gender: work, gender and environment

Andrea J. Nightingale (2006)
'The experts taught us all we know':Professionalisation and Knowledge in Nepalese Community Forestry

Andrea J. Nightingale (2006)
A Forest Community or Community Forestry? Beliefs, meanings and nature in north-western Nepal

Andrea J. Nightingale (2006)
Can Social Theory Adequately Address Nature-Society Issues? Do political ecology and science studies in Geography incorporate ecological change?

Andrea J. Nightingale (2006)
Nature-Society and Development: Social, Cultural and Ecological Change in Nepal

Andrea Nightingale (2006)
Caring for Nature: subjectivity, boundaries and environment.

Reitsma, F. and J. Albrecht (2006)
Modeling with the Semantic Web in the Geosciences

Bose, R and F. Reitsma (2005)
Advancing Geospatial Data Curation

Reitsma, F. and J. Albrecht (2005)
Implementing a New Data Model for Simulating Processes

Ignaz Strebel (2005)
Respecifying Standardisation in Geographical Research: The Work of Street-Interviewing