School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Geography and the Lived Environment Research Institute

Below is a list of staff and postgraduate students who make up the Geography and the Lived Environment Research Institute in the School of GeoSciences with their research interests.

Academic Staff

Dr. Simon J. Allen -
Dr. Clare Barnes Sustainable Livelihoods, Rural development in the Global South, Sustainable Development Goals, Environmental Governance, Environmental Policies, Social-Ecological Systems, Political Ecology, International Development, Civil Society, Social Movements, NGOs
Dr. Tom Clemens -
Dr. Julie Cupples Cultural geography; development studies; media and cultural studies; gender and sexuality; disasters and environmental risk; cultural politics; indigenous media; media convergence; Central America; Aotearoa New Zealand
Professor Chris Dibben Poverty, deprivation and inequalities; evaluation of area based initiatives; small area statistics; risk, vulnerability and hazards
Professor Ruth Doherty climate-chemistry interactions, modelling atmospheric composition, air quality and human health, climate change and air pollution impacts.
Professor Andrew J. Dugmore Andy Dugmore studies long term records of environments and archaeology to understand the dynamics of complex socio-ecological systems- what creates resilience (for whom, at what cost and for how long), and why do threshold-crossing events take place? A central theme is the development and application of tephrochronology- a dating technique based on the identification and correlation of volcanic ash layers.
Dr. Zhiqiang Feng -
Dr. Janet Fisher Ecosystem Services; Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES); poverty alleviation; economic valuation of ecosystems; social-ecological systems; resilience; deliberation in environmental policy; forest carbon governance; Q methodology; mixed qualitative/quantitative methods.
Dr. Hannah Fitzpatrick Historical and political Geography, colonialism and post colonialism, South Asian Studies, Critical Theory, Cartography and Visual Culture, Border studies and the History and Philosophy of Geography.
Dr. Giovanna Gioli Environmental/Climate Security, Environmental Hazards and Climate risks, International Development, Migration Studies, (Feminist) Political Ecology, Critical political Theory/Postcolonial and Post-structural thought.
Bruce M. Gittings Database management, performance and parallel computing issues related to GIS; distributed GIS; location-based services; web-enabled databases; web-based surveys.
Dr. Rachel Hunt -
Dr. Hamish Kallin -
Dr. Eric Laurier
    By topic:
public space, mobility, transport, technology, workplaces, human-animal relations, everyday life in the city, conviviality, neighbourhoods, wayfinding, driving, practical reasoning, gestures, film & video, infrastructures, leisure, family meal times, cafes, skill, learning.
Dr. Fraser MacDonald Cultural and historical geography; geopolitics; visual culture; histories of social and scientific knowledge; the Cold War; the history of astronautics; Scotland in the twentieth century; the Hebrides; the politics and practice of folklore.
Dr. William A. Mackaness Broadly my research is concerned with the application of statistical and visualisation techniques to geographical problem solving (including the use of exploratory data analysis).
Dr. Marc J. Metzger Global environmental change will cause significant changes in ecosystems and the services they provide.
Dr. Nina J. Morris My current research interests fall into three interrelated areas: cultural geographies of landscapes and embodiment; sensory perception and the creative arts; and, the links between greenspace, health and well-being.
Dr. Anthony J. Newton Anthony's research is centred around development and application of tephrochronology and online resources.
Dr. Genevieve Patenaude -
Professor Jamie R Pearce Jamie's work considers social, political and environmental processes affecting social and spatial inequalities in health.
Dr. Jan Penrose Cultural and political geography; nationalism; identity politics (ethnicity, race and gender); Canadian Studies.
Professor David Reay Studies climate change and its interaction with greenhouse gas fluxes in managed and natural ecosystems around the world.
Professor Mark D.A. Rounsevell Land use responses to environmental change; spatial analysis and modelling of land use change systems; climate change impact and adaptation assessment;foresight analysis and environmental change futures.
Dr. Kanchana Ruwanpura -
Dr. Casey Ryan -
Dr. Simon J. Shackley Socio-econonmics of Biochar and its deployment in industrialised and developing countries.
Dr. Niamh K. Shortt Spatial inequalities in health, neighbourhood determinants of health and environmental influences on health
Dr. Tom Slater Gentrification and displacement; urban inequality and marginality; ethnic segregation in comparative perspective; charting and challenging neoliberalism
Dr. Krithika Srinivasan Political Ecology; Human-Animal Studies; Conservation and Animal Protection Politics; Environmental Justice and Environmental Conflicts; Socio-ecological and Animal Justice; Post-development/Alternatives to Development (see Edinburgh Research Explorer for further detail)
Dr. Samantha Staddon -
Dr. Neil Stuart Geographical Information Science; hydrology.
Dr. Daniel Swanton Race and urban multiculture: including performances of race; understanding and combating racisms; everyday multiculture (particularly in mill towns in northern England); everyday spaces of encounter; living with difference; the emotional and affective life of cities; the more-than-human sociality of cities; ethnography.
Dr. Dan Van der Horst Energy & Society, Energy Landscapes, Valuing Nature, Ecosystem Services & Land Governance, Socio-Technical Innovations in Resource Enclosure and Allocation.
Dr. Laura Watts Science & Technology Studies (STS); Anthropology of Energy; Ethnography of Futures; Marine Renewable Energy; Writing Methods; Speculative Fabulation; Island Studies; Infrastructure Studies; Energy Futures; Energy & Data Convergence.
Dr. Marisa Wilson Geographies and histories of food regimes; Latin America and the Caribbean; debates about food security and sustainability; politics of scale; mainstream and alternative value systems
Professor Charles W.J. Withers Historical geography of science; geography, travel and exploration; geography and the Enlightenment; histories of cartography
Professor Iain H. Woodhouse Radar Remote Sensing; Polar Decomposition Methods for Visualising SAR Data; Novel Visualisation Techniques for the Analysis of Multichannel Remote Sensing Data; DEM Generation and Regional Scale Geomorphology; Synergistic Remote Sensing of Vegetation; Macroecology and Telemacroscopics.

Research Staff

Benji Brown -
Dr. Mark Cherrie -
Dr. Emily Creamer I am currently working as a UK partner on 'R&Dialogue', an EU project seeking to better understand the role of multi-stakeholder dialogue in facilitating a low-carbon society across Europe.
Dawn Everington -
Dr. Lynne Forrest -
Dr. Hannah Hamilton -
Roslyn Henry -
Zengyi Huang -
Mr. Corin Jack -
Ylva Longva -
Christopher J. MacLellan NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility
Dr. Ben Matthews -
Dr. Deborah Menezes -
Andrea Moring -
Joan Nolan -
Dr. Beata Nowok Applications of quantitative methods in demography; demographic concepts and measures, in particular of migration; population modeling (projections, forecasting, simulations); data processing and analysis; computer programming; internal and international migration; mortality; subjective well-being
Dr. Gillian Raab Methodological interests include survey research, methods for dealing with missing data and various aspects of the design and analysis of clinical trials.
Kai Wan -
Dr. Lee Williamson Methodological interests include demographic methods and longitudinal techniques.

Administrative Staff

Andrew Smith -

Technical Staff

Owen N. Macdonald Geographical Information Science.

Research Student (Full-Time)

Amitangshu Acharya -
Jacob Ainscough -
Emily J. Akkermans -
Gergö Baranyi -
Michael Biggart -
Sara F. Brouwer -
Phillip Bruner -
Vanessa C. Burton -
Young Hwa Cha -
Andrew Chilombo -
David Cooper -
Martha M.U. Cronin -
Sara Fenech -
Jessica Finan -
Georgina S. Foreman -
Christos Galanis -
Rebecca Giesler -
Lucas Godfrey -
Rowan C. Jackson -
Charalampos Kamilaris -
Jamie Kelly -
Jia Yen Lai -
Adolfo Mejía Montero -
Rebekah G. Miller -
Daniel I. Muñoz Zech -
Jennifer Noall -
Ioanna Papadopoulou - Korfiati -
Barbara Rubiell -
Frances Ryan -
Emma L. Saunders -
Lauren R. Shotter -
Catherine Smith -
Alasdair Sykes -
Bethan Thompson -
Thomas Tyldesley -
Paulo Valdivia Quidel -
Bozena A. Wielgoszewska -

Research Student (Part-Time)

Corinne Baulcomb -
Susan Anne Davies -
Sarah Govan -
Maggie March -
Joanna McPake -
Louise Sing -
Christiane Valluri-Nitsch -
Gregor Vulturius -


Conrad Koziol -

Honorary Fellow

Dr. Kristina Gjerde -
Jonathan Hughes -
Professor Richard Mitchell -
Dr. Michael Riddell -