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School of GeoSciences

LCFG SL6 Desktops


  • ask to install skype on your SL6 box
  • to run skype you need to skype -style Plastique

Muting internal speaker/custom sound settings

SL6 uses pulseaudio to handle sound. The idea is that pulseaudio presents the user with a minimal interface to configure the interesting bits without overwhelming the user with lots of options. Most of the time this is enough, however when it is not you have to use alsamixer which you need to start from the command line. By default it will present you the pulseaudio interface. Press f6 to select the actual hardware. You can now mute/unmute specific devices and flick switches. If you want to mute the internal speaker use the cursor keys to get to the Mono setting and press the M key to mute it.

Lightning plugin for thunderbird

Currently, we don't have the correct version of the lightning plugin for thunderbird. You can download it here: Once installed you may have to follow the configuration instructions.
Alternatively, you might want to investigate using the evolution email client. The version in SL6 comes with MAPI support. When setting up the mail account select Exchange MAPI and use the following settings:
  • server:
  • username: yourUUN
  • domain: ed
You should also setup a staff mail account.

Using a Virtual Windows Machine

First of all you need to be aware that you can totally destroy your virtual machine by deleting its disk image. If you do so you might lose work and all we can do is give you a new virtual machine. Having warned you and if you still want a managed virtual windows machine you need to:
  • Speak to us first so we can set it up for you.
  • Once we have set it up, you need to run the command createGeosWinVBox. This will configure the virtual box for you.
  • Now start up Oracle VM VirtualBox either from the Applications menu, System Tools or by typing the command virtualbox in a terminal window. Start up your Virtual Machine, it should be called something like geos-v-XXXX.
  • It should now boot the installation media. Select the 64bit windows desktop.
  • Give us a shout once it has finished building and we can make you admin so you can add more software (and break it in other unusual ways).

Getting Dropbox to work

Dropbox updates itself by downloading a number of libraries into your home directory. One of these libraries does not work on our SL6 linux desktops. If dropbox stopped working, you need to

rm ~/.dropbox-dist/dropbox-lnx.x86*/

log out and log in again. Dropbox should work again.