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Windows 7 Managed Desktop FAQ

Useful information for users of the Windows 7 managed desktop.

Installing Software on Windows 7

From April 2014 software packaged for Windows 7 will be available from the "Application Catalog". Software is installed "per user" under the SCCM2012 management system adopted by the University. Individuals can request packages from the Catalog with the behaviour of the system depending upon the licensing situation for each software package. "Free to use" packages - Open Source, or ones for which the University has a site license whose cost is not recovered from individual users - can be installed directly from the Catalog. The Catalog is both categorised and searchable, and the information and metadata for most packages should improve over time.

Packages which are not free to use will, instead of an "Install" option have a "Request" option. Selecting "Request" will take you to a form into which you can put a (brief) justification for wanting to install the package (e.g. - "I have a license for Adobe Acrobat X" or "For undergraduate teaching"). This will create a "call" in the University's "Unidesk" helpdesk system. That will either be processed by IS or the School IT team, depending on the details of the particular software package, and you will receive an email to let you know when the application has been approved or the IT staff may get in touch with you to discuss your request, if that should be felt to be required.

IS also provide help for the catalog.

Printer Setup in Windows 7

The Cloud-Mono and Cloud_colour queues should have been automatically set up for you. If for some reason they're not available, you can go to

    and double click
    to run the script that adds the Black & White and Colour queues to access the Cloud printing.

Windows System Security

A number of changes to Windows system security-related settings were made in late 2014 and early 2015. In particular, systems are now set to perform a complete "virus scan" of the system every week and the notification and implementation of system updates has been updated so they can no longer be indefinitely postponed.