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EndNote Styles

EndNote is a package for managing bibliographies. It is installed on Managed Windows machines in the School.

A large number of output styles are included. However, sometimes you may find that the style for a particular publication or journal is not available. In this case, you will need to identify a suitable style file and make it available.

Finding a Style File

It is likely that a suitable style already exists. First check on the EndNote website for a style to download. The search mechanism on this site can be picky, if in doubt use a very short search term and wade through the results (e.g. "Deep Sea" did not find "Deep-Sea Journal", but just "Deep" did!). If you can't find a suitable style file, you may have to resort to creating one yourself. If there is time, it may be worth contacting the publisher to find out if they already have such a style.

Using a New Style File

Endnote has a significant number of default publication styles.  If, however, these do not include the journal that you are writing a research paper for, you can import more styles from the web and add them to your styles templates.  To do this download the style sheet to a local drive, double click on it( opening it in Endnote) and select File/Save As.  You can now remove the word 'Copy' from the title for the saved style and then press OK.

Style for your Thesis

When choosing a style to use for your thesis, it is probably best to pick an existing style for a well-regarded publication in your research area. If your examiner really doesn't like it, it will be easy to justify, and almost as easy to change.