School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Departing Staff

We are often asked by members of staff what happens to their accounts etc. when they leave.

Email Address

Staff are entitled to keep type email addresses for a period after departure (currently 5 years). The University Policy on this says this address must not be advertised, and must be diverted to a mail service outside the University (new employer, home account etc.). Please email IThelp@geos before departure to get this set up.

There is no corresponding entitlement to keep an email account open. Any saved emails must be retrieved and stored elsewhere.

Associate Status

Staff who wish to maintain a higher level of access may only do so if they have an ongoing relationship with the University. The most common of these is Associate Status. This entitles you to the use of certain facilities provided by the University. You will need to be sponsored by an existing member of staff, and the status will have to be renewed (usually annually). This process begins with Visitor Registration.


Once granted Associate Status, you will be issued with a new, different, University User Name (UUN). This needs to be "reconciled" with your previous UUN to allow you to continue using the one you have been using all along. If this is done correctly you should not see the join.