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Accessing ISO9600 (CD/DVD) Images

Our managed SL5 machines now have fuseiso. This is a package that allows users to mount ISO9660 images (common file systems found on CD's and DVD's) into local machines either manually or programmatically via the shell.

Mounting an ISO9660 image

Say we have the file foobar.iso. These commands will mount it under a tmp directory:

fuseiso foobar.iso /tmp/foobar

If and only if you've created and own /tmp/foobar

You can now access it under /tmp/foobar. See fuseiso -h for more options. There is no man page.

Unmounting an ISO9660 image

fusermount -u /tmp/foobar


ISO9660 specs have a lot of extensions. We have seen cases where a shell will become stuck and a machine un-shut-down-able as the result of mounting an ISO9660 image with the wrong options. Usually this won't be a problem.

Different mount options can change the file names on the image.


If you forget where you mounted your ISO9660 image the command mount should tell you (outside strict selinux setting) all the mounted file systems on the computer.


If you have many ISO9660 images to extrace you could do something like this (this is bash pseudo code):

for ISO in <some list of ISO images>; do
       TMPDIR=$(mktemp -d)
       fuseiso ${ISO} ${TMPDIR}

do something with the contents
      cd /
      fusermount -u ${TMPDIR}
      rmdir ${TMPDIR}