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The School has signed up to a site license for Matlab, with access to 48 additional toolboxes.

The program is available on most linux machines within the School, including burn a.k.a.  It also available as part of the Managed install on Windows PC and MacOS.

On Linux
Adding directories to your matlab path

When you issue a command in matlab, it searches a number of built-in directories. If you wish to permanently add a directory to this set, there are two simple options.

  • Use the environment variable MATLABPATH
    • Edit the file ~/.bashrc
    • Add a line such as export MATLABPATH=/some/useful/matlab/programs
  • Use the addpath command in startup.m as described below.

Changing startup behaviour

If you wish to have commands executed every time you start Matlab:
  • If necessary, create a directory called matlab in your home directory:
    • mkdir ~/matlab
  • within that directory create a file called startup.m
  • Commands added to that file will be executed at each matlab startup.

Useful commands might include: addpath /some/useful/matlab/programs


As of Sep. 2013  matlab is available to staff and PGR students as part of a site license for the software.  Details can be found here: Matlab TAH agreement.