School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Personal Web Space

Web pages are a vital tool to allow the world to see who we are and what we are doing.

  • Members of the School have an "official" web page in the People directory
  • Members of the School may also create and maintain personal web pages.
  • The "official" school page has a link to your personal page. If this is wrong or unset, please ask the Administrative Services Officer to change this for you.

Content Management - Zope

Much of the School's web presence is handled by Zope, a content management system. For most people in the School, this is the simplest way of managing a web page.

To create and access a personal web page for yourself within Zope:

Special Requirements - File Based

This page, and most people's home pages are delivered by Zope, a content management system. For most people this is the best way to manage your web presence.

We also run a file-based web service. This can be used to deliver HTML and PHP based content, large files such as PDFs, and can also run custom scripts. If you think you have a requirement to use this service, please contact the IT Team. If possible give a short description of what you intend to do, and if appropriate, how much disk space you expect to need.

Technical details on the file based web service are available in other documents in this section.