School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

File Based Web Service

Web Location

Pages handled by the file-based web service appear at:


Throughout this documentation UUN refers to a University User Name. It is the same one you use to log in to all our systems.

File Locations

Files used by the file based web service are stored in a different location to your home directory space. This has major benefits for the security of our systems. To locate your files, please see documentation elsewhere on connecting to our file servers, but use the locations shown below:

Linux /web/UUN
Windows \\\web\UUN
Macintosh smb://
This will only work if a link has been created in your home directory.
To create one, connect to a managed Linux machine using ssh and type: ln -s /web/$(whoami) ~/web
Alternatively you can ask IThelp@geos to do this for you.


Within your web folder, there are a number of sub-directories, or folders. These have different purposes and restrictions which further enhance the security of our systems. Sub-directories can be created within these to suit your own purposes. It is possible to circumvent some of the restrictions, but doing so might be considered a breach of the Computing Regulations. If you are in any doubt about such matters, please contact the IT Team for advice.
This is where HTML and PHP files live, for many people this is all you need.
This is where scripts are placed. Please see the documentation.
This is a special folder that scripts may write to - PHP is disabled in here.
Extracts from the server logs relating to your pages.
An area that scripts can read from and write to, but which is not (directly) published.