School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Virtual Hosts

A number of projects use Zope or the file-based web service to provide a website at a different address (URL). This is sometimes used where it is considered necessary to make the pages appear independent of the School or even the University.

Zope based sites are created from subdirectories of the main site. Various changes to the style of the published pages can be made relatively easily.

File-based web pages can also be published this way. The pages are stored as the pages for a particular user (sometimes created for the purpose). A sub-directory of the user account can also be published in this way. The web server is configured to rewrite relative links and redirects to match the requested pages. Scripts can also be run in this context if required. If a sub-directory is being used, the matching sub-directory of cgi-bin is used for scripts.

Please contact the IT Team for advice on setting up virtual hosts.