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School of GeoSciences

Windows 7 (SCCM2012) Application Catalog

Clicking on the "Application Catalog" entry in the "All Programs" menu on Windows 7 will open Internet Explorer and take you to the University's list of software packaged for use on the "Managed Desktop": [SCCM2012 Application Catalog]

From the Catalog you can install packages that are "free to use": [SCCM2012 Application Install]

You can also search for particular packages, using the Search box towards the top right of the list: [SCCM2012 Application Search]

For applications which are not "free to use" you will need to submit a "request" that will be processed by either IS or the School IT team, depending on which package you happen to be requesting: [SCCM2012 Application Request]

When you submit such a request you will receive an acknowledgement that the request has been submitted: [SCCM2012 software request acknowledgement]

The "My Application Requests" tab in the Catalog will detail any requests you have already made: [SCCM2012 List of requests]

Uninstalling AppV 4.6

Should you wish to remove all the "legacy" versions of applications installed from the pre-April 2014 "Application Store" you can do so by removing the old "Microsoft Application Virtualisation Desktop Client". Be sure not to remove the updated client! The old client is version 4.6: [The AppV 4.6 Client]