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Office 365 Calendar on an iPhone/iPad

These instructions are for iOS 7, and screenshots are from an iPhone. The iPad and earlier iOS versions will ask you similar questions. If you need assistance, email:

1. Remove Existing University Microsoft Exchange Account

  1. These steps are only applicable if you have an existing University Calendar already set up
  2. Open 'Settings' then 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'
  3. Tap on your existing Microsoft Exchange account
  4. Scroll down and hit 'delete account'

2. Add Office 365 Account

  1. Open 'Settings' then 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' then tap 'Add Account'
  2. Pick 'Exchange' from the list.
  3. [Office 365 Calendar on iPhone]
  4. Enter as the email address, your Windows login password and give it an appropriate description. Hit next.
  5. [Office 365 Calendar on iPhone]
  6. Server is, the domain is ED and your username is along with your Windows login password again. Hit next.
  7. [Office 365 Calendar on iPhone]
  8. Only enable 'Calendars' and 'Reminders' then hit save.
  9. [Office 365 Calendar on iPhone]