School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Masters in Ecological Economics

Ecological Economics

Teaching Staff

Dr. Salman Hussain

Salman has been Programme Director since 2000. His research interests include: the 'greening' of industry and eco-labelling; regulatory impact assessment; analysis of the EC Water Framework Directive; the economic assessment of ecosystem goods and services and biodiversity conservation; and ecological footprinting

Dr. Elizabeth Olson

Betsy Olson is a Lecturer in Human Geography.

Dr. Hamish Ross

Hamish is a lecturer in Environmental and Science education. His research interests are in: representations of self, society, citizenship and environmental relations in the primary and secondary school curriculum; the development of agency and 'voice' in school contexts; and teacher attitudes to environmental and outdoor education. In addition to teaching across the School of Education's teacher training programmes, he co-ordinates a multi-disciplinary MSc module (Culture, Ethics and Environment) at the Centre for Environmental Change and Sustainability in the School of GeoSciences.

Prof Paul R. van Gardingen

Paul is a Professor of International Development, as well as the Executive Director of the University of Edinburgh International Development Centre. His interests relate to Forest management as well as poverty reduction and development in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Dr. Simon J. Allen

Simon Allen is a Lecturer in the Centre for the Study of Environmental Change and Sustainability. Simon organises the course, Principles of Environmental Sustainability, and was director of the MSc Environmental Sustainability degree programme from 2000 to 2009. Currently, Simon’s main research interests relate to the links between human behaviour and climate change, particularly concerning the public acceptability of different policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr. Dominic Moran

Dominic's research interests remain split between developed and developing countries; covering the economics of agri-environmental policy, forest economics, water management and biodiversity conservation.