School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Earth and Planetary Science Research Group (EPS)

Staff, students, their interests and ongoing projects
Below is a list of staff and postgraduate students who make up the Earth and Planetary Science research group in the School of GeoSciences, their interests and some ongoing projects.

Adnan Al-Dhahli -
Dr. Mikael Attal Within the Global Change research group, I am part of the Land Surface Dynamics research group.
Dr. Andrew Bell Tectonic and volcano-tectonic seismicity: the physics and statistics of earthquake-earthquake and earthquake-volcano interactions, triggering and forecasting
Dr. Robert Bingham I am a glaciologist with particular interests in using geophysical techniques to investigate the subglacial environment.
Dr. Geoffrey Bromiley -
Dr. Peter Brownsort -
Dr. Stephen Brusatte Steve is interested in the anatomy, genealogy, and evolution of fossil vertebrates.
Dr. Ian B. Butler I'm an experimental geoscientist and geochemist interested in the application of laboratory techniques and experiments to understand geological and geochemical processes.
Dr. Eliza Calder -
Dr. Nicola Cayzer Scanning Electron Microscopy, microanalysis and Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD).
Dr. Mark Chapman -
Professor Andrew Curtis Seismics, Mathematical or Quantitative Geology, Seismology, Inverse Theory.
Dr. Stephen Elphick Experimental measurement of the rates of time-dependent processes in rock systems and the insight this gives into the mechanisms of geological processes.
Professor J. Godfrey Fitton Petrology and geochemistry of basic volcanic rocks in large igneous provinces (especially North Atlantic and Ontong Java Plateau).
Andrew Fraser Harris -
Claudia Fricke -
Dr. Florian Fusseis -
Dr. Stuart M.V. Gilfillan CO2 capture and storage, continental mantle volatiles, Colorado Plateau Uplift event, noble gas and stable isotope geochemistry
Professor Colin M. Graham Petrological, stable isotopic, and textural studies of fluid-rock interaction and fluid fluxes in the Earth's crust; mechanisms and timescales of fluid flow.
Professor Simon L. Harley Metamorphism at high temperatures; geological development of Antarctica and Gondwana; tectonic histories of Archaean and Proterozoic shields; experimental studies of mineral and mineral-melt equilibria; geochemistry of basement terraines.
Professor Ben Harte Understanding the development and geological history of metamorphic rocks by studies of geochemistry, texture and phase relations in both crust and mantle lithologies.
Professor R. Stuart Haszeldine Movement and geochemistry of fluids in porous and fractured sedimentary rocks.
Dr. Chris L. Hayward -
Dr. Richard Hinton Ion Microprobe Analysis of Geological Materials; Geochemistry.
Dr. Simone Kasemann Stable isotope studies in earth and ocean sciences: Transport and recycling processes at active continental margins, pH variation in ancient oceans, Neoproterozoic climate variation, origin and evolution of hydrothermal systems.
Dr. Linda Kirstein The interaction of climate and tectonics on landscape evolution.
Professor Dick Kroon -
Professor Ian G. Main Seismology: earthquake hazard; earthquake predictability; non-linear dynamics and statistical mechanics of earthquake sources; earthquake triggering.
Indira Mann -
Dr. Ondrej Masek Technologies for biochar production and utilisation of by-products (oil and gas) for bio-fuels and bio-energy generation.
Dr. Gillian A. McCay -
Dr. Christopher I. McDermott -
Professor Stuart K. Monro Earth Science and Society; Public understanding of Science.
Professor Simon M. Mudd Arid region hydrology, hillslope geomorphology, sediment transport processes, chemical weathering within soils, soil development, landsliding, landscape resoponse to transient tectonic and climatic forcing, and interactions between plants and geomorphology.
Dr. Mark Naylor The solid earth defines many aspects the economic, industrial and social norms of our everyday lives.
Dr. Bryne T. Ngwenya Aqueous environmental and microbial geochemistry of metals; coupled fluid flow and rock deformation.
Dr. Nicholas Odling Experimental geoscience.
Professor Ian Parsons Microtextures and phase behaviour in minerals, particularly feldspars.
Dr. Clare Peters -
Professor Alastair H.F. Robertson Tectonics and sedimentation.
Dr. Kate Saunders -
Dr. Vivian Scott I work on carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a method to control anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide and mitigate climate change.
Professor Hugh D. Sinclair Interaction between surface processes (erosion and sedimentation), mountain building and basin subsidence.
Dr. Saran P Sohi .
Dr. Jenny A. Tait -
Professor Brian G.J. Upton Igneous petrology
Professor Kathryn A. Whaler Geomagnetism; dynamics and thermal history of the Earth's core; geophysical inverse theory; electromagnetic induction.
Dr. Mark Wilkinson -
Professor Wyn Williams Rock magnetism and Palaeomagnetism: Theoretical and experimental studies of magnetic remanence in single grains and bulk samples.
Professor Rachel A. Wood Carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis; Carbonate hydrocarbon reservoirs; Modelling of Carbonate Systems; Reef evolution and palaeoecology; Biomineralisation and evolution of sea water chemistry.
Professor Anton M. Ziolkowski Petroleum geoscience and applied geophysics: development, testing and application of geophysical methods for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons and minerals; electromagnetic data acquisition, processing and inversion; seismic data acquisition and processing; control and measurement of seismic and electromagnetic sources; integration of diverse geophysical data, especially seismic, EM and well logs.

Postgraduate Students

Mariam Al Blooshi (PhD) Orsolya Baillie (MRes)
Amelia Bain (PhD) Kirsty Bayliss (PhD)
Robert Beattie (PhD) Frederick Bowyer (PhD)
Ardith D. Bravenec (PhD) Florent Brondolo (PhD)
Guohui Chen (PhD) Phillip A. Cilli (PhD)
Benjamin A. Clarke (PhD) Eleri R. Clarke (Nee Simpson) (PhD)
Roseanne Clement (PhD) Alyssa G. Crippen (PhD)
Dominic G. Cummings (PhD) Andrew J. Dobrzanski (PhD)
Eva F. Dokter (PhD) Stephanie J. Earp (PhD)
Davide Foffa (PhD) Rebekah Harries (PhD)
Struan A.C. Henderson (MRes) Emma Hipkins (PhD)
Zhaoyu Jin (PhD) Michela M.A. Johnson (PhD)
Ruta Karolyte (PhD) Chrystiann Lavarini Ferreira (PhD)
Sally Law (PhD) Yikuo Liu (PhD)
Angus Lomas (PhD) Julien Mouli-Castillo (PhD)
Megan C. O'Donnell (PhD) Elsa Panciroli (PhD)
Andre Rezende Guimaraes (PhD) Berit I. Schwichtenberg (PhD)
James A. Scott (PhD) Yutong Shu (PhD)
Isla C. Simmons (PhD) Jonathan R. Singh (PhD)
Thomas Stokes (PhD) Changyou Xia (PhD)
Yili Yang (PhD) Xin Zhang (PhD)
Youqian Zhao (PhD)