School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Graduate School 2015/2016

The GeoScience Graduate School (GradSchool) organises social events, lectures and conferences, and maintains crucial links between the graduate research students and academic staff. All graduate research students in the School are part of GradSchool - from Earth & Planetary Science, through Global Change to Geography and the Lived Environment.

Come along to...

Each year GradSchool aims to give a warm welcome to new research students. We organise a weekend away to the mountains in the autumn to enable everyone to get to know each other. The GradSchool conference is the highlight of the year, taking place at a hotel over a weekend early in the new year, and attracts a wide range of industry sponsors. Regular GradTalk seminars provide great opportunities to hone presentation skills in a relaxed environment. Plus, there's a spring ceilidh as well as pub meets throughout the year.

Get involved with the GradSchool Blog and ResearchWiki!

This year GradSchool have put together a discussion blog which provides an online space for all academic staff, research staff, and PhD students to discuss topical issues in science and research. We have also created a Research Wiki page which is designed to act as a tool to facilitate intra-departmental communication about subject specific research questions. Maybe you are wrestling with a research question relating to a specific process, program, or concept that someone else is also working with? Perhaps you have the knowledge that may be able to help others. The research wiki is the online space where you can post or answer questions and help to further improve communication within our research community.

How do we work?

GradSchool is run by a committee of a chairperson, eleven research students, a postdoctoral representative and a member of staff. All students on the committee are elected by their peers at the annual general meeting, usually during January. Any first year research student may stand for election. An extraordinary meeting can be called at any time by a member plus two members seconding.