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Postgraduate Induction Programme

This programme of events for new students takes place in Week 0 and Week 1 of the First Semester. Some of the events are principally for research students, and some events are intended for students attending the School's Masters programmes. Each Masters programme will have its own individual programme for induction week, and students should contact the relevant Programme Secretary for details.

Introduction to Computing in GeoSciences

All incoming postgraduate students (research and taught) are expected to take part in the computing component of the Induction Programme. Taught over two days, this course is the principal computer-training opportunity organised by the School of GeoSciences. It will introduce the computing tools available for postgraduate students involved in all aspects of the School's research programme. The course is structured such that those simply needing basic access, and the ability to use word-processing and other 'productivity' tools need only attend the early sessions. Those who will be involved in modelling, geographical information science (GIS) or remote sensing are advised to attend the entire course, unless sure you have the required skills and knowledge of the Edinburgh GeoSciences environment. The course takes the form of short explanatory lecture / discussions, followed by supported practical sessions.

It is crucial that all new postgraduates attend the first session of the course, where the content and relevance of the other sessions will be explained. If this is problematic, please contact your Supervisor or Course Director.

The staff responsible for this course are: Bruce M Gittings ( and Owen Macdonald (

Detailed instructional notes will be provided.

Computing Induction - Course Materials

Lecture Handouts

Practical Handouts

Note: This material was updated 11-SEP-2013, as delivered in the Computing Induction sessions on 2013.

Tutoring and Demonstrating Opportunities

For information on teaching opportunities see here with an explanation of the system here.

Induction Course for Demonstrators and Tutors in GeoSciences: Programme

New PhD students who wish to work as laboratory demonstrators or as course tutors on any of the School's undergraduate programmes must attend the Induction Course on 14 September. Please click here to register.