School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Public Understanding of Science

Members of the School contribute to the Scottish Earth Science Education Forum (contact Colin Graham), a roadshow known as Earth Fun (contact Jon Turner), and the School runs its own developing Postgraduate Science Communication Team.

Our staff and students also take part in public events discussing scientific, social and environmental issues and contribute to the press and news media. Examples include:

Finding Ithaka, 29 September 2005: Professor John Underhill talks to Channel 4 news about his contribution to a study that aims to determine the location of Ithaka, homeland of Homer's hero Odysseus. John's work will examine the hypothesis that the island Homer described is now part of Kephalonia, having joined the larger island as a result of geological upheavals in the time since the Odyssey was composed.

New Scientist 2005 science essay competition: PhD student Helen Margerison won third prize in the competition with her essay "Too cold to snow? A fresh look at climatic warming in Antarctica".

BBC Horizon, 27 March 2005: Professor Ian Main contributed to this programme on tsunamis. An Edinburgh geology graduate, Ben Finney, was a member of the BBC team that produced the programme.

Body Scans of Scotland's Old Bones by Roger Banks. An article shortlisted for the THES/OUP Science Writing Prize 1999 - see the Times Higher Education Supplement, September 17, 1999.

The Case of the Lost Lithosphere by Roger Banks. An article submitted for THES/OUP Science Writing Prize 2000.