School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Centre for the Study of
Environmental Change and Sustainability


Post Graduate Opportunities within CECS

MSc in Environment and Development.
The MSc Environment and Development programme is designed for students wishing to acquire the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable development, focusing mainly on developing countries. The programme examines how the Millennium Development Goals provide a pathway towards sustainable development, linked to National Strategies for Sustainable Development, using examples of relevance to participants from all countries. For further information email
MSc in Environmental Sustainability.
The MSc Environmental Sustainability programme is primarily designed to equip students with the knowledge to work effectively in organisations seeking to protect the environment and contribute towards sustainable development. The programme is strongly interdisciplinary, providing the opportunity to integrate environmental science, socio-economic and policy perspectives to gain a holistic understanding of environmental sustainability and how it can be achieved. For further information email
MSc in Integrated Resource Management.
The MSc programme in Integrated Resource Management is designed to provide the knowledge, understanding and skills for participants, who have career aspirations in organisations with responsibilities for the planning, decision making, and management processes that co-ordinate natural resource use for the optimisation of long-term benefits, while also minimising conflict among stakeholders. This innovative new programme will equip students with the practical tools required in both governmental and non-governmental organisations, where integrated and strategic approaches to natural resource use are necessary for achieving balance among the wider economic, social and environmental requirements of society. More Information

For PhD opportunities see the School of GeoSciences postgraduate pages

Other related MSc programmes in the School of GeoSciences

MSc Environmental Protection and Management
MSc Global Environmental Change
MSc Ecological Economics
MSc by Research in GeoSciences

Undergraduate courses

Staff of CECS also contribute to the following undergraduate degree courses:
Geography degree programmes

BSc in Ecological Science with Honours in

Conservation and Ecological Management
Environmental Sciences
BSc in Biological Sciences with Honours in