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The Exploration of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth

Lake Ellsworth News

2 March 2009: NERC announces funding for the Lake Ellsworth Drilling Project NERC website

10 April 2008:"Lake Ellsworth of Antarctica" is a poem written by Lucy Duveen Conway, aged 8 years, which was inspired by the recent news coverage of the exploration of Lake Ellsworth

21 August 2007:The US National Academy of Science recently released their report on subglacial lake research. A free PDF of the report is available for download: NAS subglacial lake report

27 April 2007:A review paper by the Lake Ellsworth Consortium, outlining the plans for lake exploration, has been published in the journal 'Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology'

3 April 2007:The Lake Ellsworth Consortium met for the 4th time at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. The agenda and minutes of the meeeting are available on our 'Workshop Agenda, Minutes' page

1 March 2007:The International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008 has been launched IPY homepage

3 February 2006: Chilean Glaciologists complete ground-based geophysical measurements of Lake Ellsworth.

10 November 2005: Chilean glaciologists plan to undertake a short survey of Lake Ellsworth in January 2006. This survey, which is part of the ITASE programme, will help to determine the size and extent of the lake and aid planning for the future NERC-funded work in 2007-9.

7th June 2005: Geophysical exploration of Lake Ellsworth has been funded by the NERC Antarctic Funding Initiative. Funding details, including the dates of fieldseasons, will be announced shortly.

14 February, 2005: The first full version of the Lake Ellsworth exploration concept document is available. You can download it here. Comments to be sent to MJ Siegert (

7 January, 2005: International Polar Year 'Expression of Intent' document for the Exploration of Lake Ellsworth has been submitted. You can download the EoI here.

14 December, 2004:
A paper on Lake Ellsworth and its potential for future exploration is published in Geophysical Research Letters.

November 9th, 2004: Proposal to undertake the geophysical exploration of Lake Ellsworth has been submitted to the NERC AFI-07 round. A decision is expected in May 2005. The full proposal can be downloaded from here.

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