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The Exploration of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth

SALE plan for subglacial lake exploration

The Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research (SCAR) set up a group of specialists called Subglacial Antarctic Lake Exploration (SALE) to consider and recommend mechanisms for the international coordination of a subglacial lake exploration program. Details of SALE's meetings and recommendations are available from the SALE website.

The last meeting of the SALE group of specialists took place at the SCAR XXVIII meeting (Bremen, July 2004). In its place, a full SCAR Scientific Research Programme entitled 'Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments' has been proposed. This programme, also named SALE, will oversee the exploration of Antarctic subglacial lakes over the next decade.

Importantly, SALE research took place within the International Polar Year . PDFs of the research plans proposed for the IPY and beyond are available right.

Importantly, the exploration of Lake Ellsworth is high on the agenda of SALE, being named as the first proper lake target for exploration.