School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

'Geomagnetic Earth Observation from Space (GEOSPACE)' is a NERC 5 year Consortium Grant exploiting data from the new generation of vector magnetic field satellites. The other partner institutions are BGS Edinburgh, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool and CCLRC's Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory. The Consortium also includes overseas partners - Nils Olsen, from the Danish Space Research Institute, Rob Tyler from the Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, Andy Jackson and Chris Finlay at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology(ETH), Zurich and Vincent Lesur at The German Research Centre for Geosciences(GFZ), Potsdam.

Our scientific aims are to unravel and model the various sources contributing to the measured magnetic field and its time variation to a much higher degree of accuracy than previously achieved. This involves studying external magnetic fields in the magnetosphere and ionosphere, the internal fields they induce in the crust and mantle, the static field locked in lithospheric rocks, magnetic fields generated by ocean tides (owing to motional induction in electrically conducting seawater), and the field generated by dynamo action in the liquid outer core.

A pdf of a presentation given by lead PI Kathy Whaler to NERC is available here.

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