School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

GEOSPACE consortium presentations, given at GEOSPACE Consortium Meeting, Liverpool, 4th - 5th January 2007

Emma Woodfield, Anasuya Aruliah, Richard Holme and George Millward.

Effects of the neutral atmosphere on the Earth’s magnetic field after a geomagnetic storm.
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V. Lesur, E. Thebault, M. Rother, M.Mandea

Separating the Internal and External Field Contributions in Geomagnetic Field Models
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Susan Macmillan

Can the claimed 2003 jerk be seen in ground data?
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Gemma Kelly, Richard Holme, Emma Woodfield

Geomagnetic Jerks
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Robert Shore, Emma Woodfield and Richard Holme

Geomagnetic Storms and Magnetic Models of the Earth
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James Hawe

Ocean Geomagnetism: Then, Now & The Future
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A. Jackson, C. Finlay, N. Gillet, S. Macmillan & N. Olsen

Merging satellite and ground based data - problems & progress Get File
Ciarán Beggan

The Relative Importance of Toroidal and Poloidal Core Flow? Get File
Kathy Whaler and Richard Holme

Consistency between the flow at the top of the core and the frozen-flux approximation Get File
Sheona Masterton

Modelling and Interpreting Oceanic Lithospheric Magnetic Field Anomalies Using CHAMP Satellite Data Get File
Derek Fairhead

3D Imaging of CHAMP and NOAA Candidate for World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map Get File
Ahmed Salem and Derek Fairhead

Geothermal Reconnaissance of GEBEL DUWI area, Northern Red Sea, Egypt using Airborne Magnetica and Sectral Gamma Ray data Get File

GEOSPACE consortium poster presentations

Brian Hamilton and Susan Macmillan

Revisiting daily variations in the Earth's magnetic Field: A Fourier series approximation
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James Hawe, Richard Holme and Robert Tyler

Argentine Basin: Altimeter & Magnetic Observations of 25 Day Circulation
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Ed Horncastle, Richard Holme, Binod Sreenivasan and Chris Jones

Core Flow Modelling: Constraints from Dynamo Theory
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Alexandra Lodge, Richard Holme, Neil Suttie, John Shaw, Mimi Hill and Paul Linford

A New Approach to Archaeological Dating Using Geomagnetic Field Modelling.
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Allan McKay

Spherical Elementary Current representation of ionospheric equivalent currents: results from a test model.
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Nils Olsen

On Estimating High-Degree Crustal Field Models using a Spherical Harmonic Transform
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I. Wardinski and R. Holme

A time–dependent model of the Earth’s magnetic field and its temporal change of the period 1957 to 2005
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E.E. Woodfield; M. Dunlop, R. Holme, M.A. Hapgood and J.A. Davies

A Statistical Comparison of Cluster Magnetic Data with the Tsyganenko 2001 ModelA Statistical Comparison of Cluster Magnetic Data with the Tsyganenko 2001 Model.
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