School of GeoSciences

Seismic Acquisition

Seismic Vibrators

Seismic acquisition is the process of collecting seismic data. This usually involves injecting energy into the ground in the form of (an)elastic waves, using vibrator trucks (pictured) or buried dynamite charges on land, or airgun arrays at sea. The waves propagate into the Earth and reflect, refract or diffract from subsurface heterogeneities. Energy that returns to the surface is recorded at sensors either on the land or seabed surface, or in shallow 'streamers' full of pressure sensors towed behind ships in the oceanic water column. It is this data that contains information about the subsurface.

ESR research into seismic acquisition includes:
  • Optimal Survey Design - preceisely where to place sources and sensors
  • New Data Types - strain & stress sensors, novel streamer geometries, background 'noise'

For further information about any of this research, contact Dr. Andrew Curtis.