School of GeoSciences

Geological History


ESR uses seismic and sequence stratigraphic methods, through fieldwork and subsurface interpretation, to investigate and quantify the structure, stratigraphy and depositional history of sedimentary basins. Recent studies have focused upon understanding the development and evolution of structural styles, the tectonic controls on sediment dispersal and the petroleum habitat in rift-related, tectonically inverted, contractional and salt-influenced basins such as the North Sea, the Wessex Basin of Southern England, the Gulf of Suez, the Western USA, the East African Rift, the South Atlantic and the Hellenides of Western Greece.

ESR's access to well-calibrated and extensive 3-D seismic coverage from the North Sea rift province has provided a superb natural laboratory in which to demonstrate and quantify the effects of, and feedback resulting from, thermal doming and extensional fault growth. Most recently, restoration for the effects of Jurassic deformation have also revealed the hitherto unknown and poorly understood nature of Triassic basin development in the area.

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