School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Easter Field Excursion Photographic Competition, 1998

For all sorts of reasons, it turns out to be quite difficult to capture that perfect picture of highly motivated students examining stunning rocks. Student photographers may have to wait ages for the right grouping of subjects but somehow find time to examine the rocks too! Click the thumbnails for bigger pictures.


First Prize - 15: Jonathan Lutton

Small picture Dessication cracks in Portland Limestone, Dorset - Geology 2Ah.
Nice combination of Students and Rocks - just the sort of composition we were looking for.

Second Prize - 10: Andrew Pope

Columnar jointing in the lowermost basalts at Ard Tun, Mull - Geology 3
Pictures of black rocks against a white sky are difficult to expose correctly. This one is pretty good.

Third Prize - 5: Graeme Bell

Post observation discussion, somewhere in Dorset - Geology 2Ah
Please may we have a more informative caption?

Highly Commended:

Martin Purvis

Andrew Pope

Andrea Kaszewski

Graeme Bell

Graeme Bell
A good bubble picture?

Cliff's (ineligible) Mull Selection:

Folded Moines at Ardalanish Bay

Dessication cracks at Gribun

Unconformity at Gribun