School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Siccar Point Field Excursion Preview


If you are an experienced climber or hill-walker you do not need to read this section.

Essential Items

Boots: for Geology field excursions you really need strong hiking boots. Wellingtons and trainers are not really suitable. Light-weight fashion shoes are considered dangerous and students who arrive wearing them may be sent home.

Anorak: if at all possible you should wear a waterproof anorak with integral hood. This will help keep out the wind as well as the rain.

Semi-essential Items

Waterproof overtrousers: normal trouses can become very cold when wet. Waterproof overtrousers keep out the rain and can make the difference between an unpleasant and miserable day.

Woolen hat and gloves: these items make a big difference to personal comfort. Try to obtain goods made from 100% wool as they are better than man-made fibres when wet. Fingerless gloves are helpful as you can write and manipulate instruments without taking them off.

Knapsack: you need one big enough to carry your lunch and all of your warm waterproof clothing on the day that turns out to be scorching hot.

What some of us wear

Thermal underwear: it is generally considered best to wear several layers of thin clothing rather than few thick layers. M&S have sports underwear - long-johns and long-sleeved vests.