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Siccar Point Questions

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  1. The time interval available for folding and erosion of the Silurian strata before deposition of the Old Red Sandstone strata was 80Ma

    True: False: [Introduction]

  2. Siccar Point is located south-east of Dunbar

    True: False: [Location]

  3. The coast at Siccar Point faces north

    True: False: [Climate]

  4. Amongst the first two items on your shopping list of field clothing would be a pair of boots

    True: False: [Clothing]

  5. The best item for writing in a field notebook is a 2H pencil

    True: False: [Equipment]

  6. The most likely cause of an accident at Siccar Point is badly stacked turnip crates

    True: False: [Safety]

  7. The ocean that separated Scotland from England 480 million years ago is known as Iapetus

    True: False: [Plate Setting]

  8. 425 million years ago the site that is now Siccar Point was occupied by a warm shallow sea

    True: False: [Palaeogeography]

  9. 425 million years ago a subduction zone plunged north-west beneath Scotland

    True: False: [Trench Section]

  10. The Silurian strata at Siccar Point were deposited by turbidity currents

    True: False: [Tilting]

  11. The rocks near the foot of the cliff at Siccar Point are Old Red Sandstone strata

    True: False: [Siccar Point]

  12. To sketch the unconformity at Siccar Point it might be best to start with the bedding planes in the Silurian strata

    True: False: [Closer]

  13. The best place to sketch the unconformity is with a view direction parallel to the Silurian strata

    True: False: [And closer]

  14. The dip of the Silurian strata is about 90°

    True: False: [And closer]

  15. At the unconformity contact the Silurian strata are bleached

    True: False: [And closer still]

  16. The Silurian strata at Siccar Point display ripple marks

    True: False: [Sedimentary structures]

  17. The Old Red Sandstone breccia was deposited as a wadi deposit

    True: False: [The Old Red Sandstones]

  18. The pebbles in the Old Red Sandstone breccia are imbricated by fast lowing currents

    True: False: [The breccia]

  19. The pebbles in the breccia include some samples of metamorphic rocks

    True: False: [Pebble varieties]

  20. The sandstone component of the Old Red Sandstone displays graded bedding

    True: False: [Sandstone]

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