School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Web Site Documentation

These pages are designed to help members of the School produce and maintain web pages. They are of little interest to others, but they are not restricted and visitors are welcome to browse. The topics covered are classified as follows:


Elementary information to help Editors make efficient use of the tools provided for page creation and maintenance. Skip this and you may end up typing too much or finding many ways of producing invalid content!

Information Architecture
Guide to the ABCD layers of information.
Page Markup
A very brief outline of what you need to know about html to be able to edit web pages.
Content Management
An overview of static and dynamic pages, and where your content fits in.
Site Rules
Maintaining corporate identity and familiarity for visitors.
Files and Images
What these terms mean in the web site context.
How to avoid typing repetitive lists of names and other list information.

Routine Procedures

What you need to know to actually produce web pages using the tools provided.

The Edit and ZMI Interfaces
How to invoke the Edit and Zope Management Interfaces, and what they are used for.
How To: Edit
An extensive set of pages with step-by-step procedures and screen grabs. Most of this material should be obvious!
Editing problems
A list of problems that have cropped up to confuse the Editors.
Page Validation
How to check that your page is actually valid and therefore likely to be displayed as you intended on a variety of platforms and browsers.

More Advanced Information and Procedures

Topics and features requiring experience!

Information on Cascading Style Sheets and procedures to change site default styles in subfolders. This may be of interest for Home pages.
Security Overview, Roles and Permissions
An outline of how Zope security works and what to do to restrict access to a branch of the site.
How to extend the functionality of a branch of the site.
Images and other items used in site construction.