School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Information Architecture

A reader looking for information on a topic may need just a little, or perhaps something comprehensive. To cater for these varied requirements the University has developed an information architecture structured to allow progression through a series of well-defined layers:

Layer A: Navigational signpost
Often just a link in a menu with a meningful link word and perhaps a few words in the mouseover title. It is for the reader to decide whether this link is likely to lead to the information sought.
Layer B: Overview of topics
Perhaps a list, each with just a title and a sentence of explanation containing a link to something more detailed.
Layer C: Deeper Information
Perhaps a paragraph or a page depending on the nature of the topic.
Layer D: Most detailed information
Perhaps a page, or several pages, depending on context.

You might recognise this page as Level C, having come here through a website link and an item in a list of topics. Level D on this topic is not here. For those who wish to read more there should be a link to the University's website development project pages.

Please keep this architecture in mind when developing web pages. It helps to produce informtaion in easily digested chunks that the reader will appreciate.