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School of GeoSciences

How To: Edit Web Pages

If you need to know how to create and edit web pages that look just like all of the others - this is the place to find out! You do need to know how to use simple HTML tags. For example:

  • Heading tags: Headings form a hierarchy from 1 to 6. You should use H3 as the first heading in each page and H4 for sub-headings. Heading tags must close: <h3>Main Heading</h3>. Tags may be in upper or lower case or a mixture of cases.

  • Paragraph tags: the <p> tags do not have to close in HTML, but they do in other mark-up languages and it is good practice to use closing tags.

  • Nesting: tags must always nest rather than overlap. for example: <strong><em>Bold Italic</strong></em> is wrong whilst <strong><em>Bold Italic</em></strong> is correct.

This is just a taster. List, Image and Link tags are covered in the Help provided with the Edit form.

The How To starts with invoking edit mode and steps through the procedures you may wish to use, with illustrative screen grabs.