School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences

Friends Login

From time to time it is necessary to grant access to restricted pages to individuals who are not members of the School or University. External members of Research Consortia are typical examples. This is the latest way to do it.

  1. The Friend must register personally with The University of Edinburgh Friend Login Service. That takes a few minutes.
  2. The Friend must login and register personally with the School using this form. That takes another few minutes. You can put a copy of the form link somewhere in your own pages: <a href="siteEdit/friend.html">form</a>
  3. Whoever manages a folder to which access is to be granted may then use the Role Manager form to assign their Friends the Member role (see below).
  4. The folder must have View permissions set to Manager, Editor and Member, and any other appropriate roles, using the Zope Management Interface. Don't give the Member Role to the whole School! Rather, set the View Permission to GEOS (i.e. Staff), PG, etc, or just Authenticated if you don't much mind which members of the University (and Friends) look at your restricted pages.

Further Information

Screen grab of the School Friend Registration Form (because University members cannot access it):

[Friend Registration Form]

Screen Grab of the Role Manager Form showing the Friends list:

[Role Manager Form]

Screen grab of Security Settings to restrict access to Editor, Manager and Member roles.

[Security Settings]