School of GeoSciences

School of GeoSciences


Zope is an extensible framework that allows Products to be installed to accomplish specific tasks. Some Products are not obvious to the end user. For example, login is accomplished using a Product customised to work with the University authentication service. Other Products may be highly visible, for example there are Discussion Forums, Weblogs (Blogs), and so on. The Search box on every page uses a Product to catalogue and search pages.

Products In Use

  • Zwiki: A Wiki product that can be used for communal documentation, message boards and similar purposes.

  • Document Store: This is a mechanism to store and retrieve documents to and from the file system, rather than within Zope or a database. It is intended for document collections and documents over 1Mb in size, such as PDF and Image files. An upload limit of 16Mb has been set. If you need to store larger images, please ask the IT Team for advice. The installation creates two folders, one for Viewing that has no default access restrictions, and another for uploading that has default access restricted to Managers and Editors. See an existing installation Readme html file for installation instructions. There is one (for School members only) in the Resources folder.

Other Products

If you need a special type of application, please ask. There are dozens of Products available for all sorts of different purposes. Some can be used out of the box. Others may need customisation.