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School of GeoSciences



The following are resources you find useful in helping to develop web pages:

  • HTML Validation: A service that checks that a page conforms to the standard defined at the top of the page, currently HTML 4.01 Transitional (see the page source). If the page is public, copy its url and then go to the Validator. If the page is restricted then save it as a file first. The Validator accepts either the url or the file. You may want to bookmark the HTML Validator.

  • Accessibility: A service that helps you to produce pages accessible to users with impaired sight, motor or cognitive function. First copy the url of your page, then go to the Bobby service, which you may wish to bookmark. Take action on any failure to comply with Priorities 1, 2 and 3, and at least try to understand the recommended User Checks.

  • Style Sheet Validator: A service to validate style sheets. Use this if you have created a Local Style Sheet or if you have used in-line styles. First copy the url of a page using your styles, then go to the CSS Validator, which you may wish to bookmark.

  • Document store: An Archive of photographs, posters and other publicity items for use in web pages. Please contribute!